About me Sup babycakes, my name is Kirstie. I'm currently taken, eighteen years young, and a freshman in college. I'm slowly figuiring out who I am and what I want out of life. I'm super sweet unless given a reason not to be. Message me anytime, for any reason.
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reblog / Notes53 / Posted Dec 30
Review: Just a warning, this mask smells pretty dang bad but what do you expect since it has egg and garlic in it.  I only had the chance to use this twice but each time it really tightened my face and after I washed it off my skin was really smooth.  I’m not sure I’d buy it again since it smelled terrible (in my opinion) but I think it’s worth it if you want something to make your skin soft and help acne.
reblog / Notes10918 / Posted Jul 27
I go to Starbucks way too often lol my favorite frap is the double chocolatey chip! It’s heaven in my mouth.
reblog / Notes434 / Posted Jul 13
Today was so much fun! I hung out with my best friend Amanda. We went to the pool, came home and then went back out to Starbucks and then Target. I was a slow drinker lol but I got an Iced white chocolate mocha and I can’t remember what she got. And there’s her beautiful iphone 5! (: Hope your guys’ weekend is going great <3
reblog / Notes7206 / Posted Jun 9
My suitcase all packed for Florida! It’s storming at the moment here, and that’s the forecast for the entire week but hopefully we get lucky.